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Finding a good editor

There are two free editor's that I recommend for Windows: JEDIT and Notepad++. I am currently using JEDIT because of the ease of directory access to files. You will find that RAILS uses the directory structure for it's MVC model and JEDIT is ideal for this. JEDIT also saves automatically previous file versions - so if you modify and save the file, JEDIT will first copy and rename the file and then write over the working file once saved. This feature can really save you by restoring in case you make a mistake..

The links for the two free editors will be located at the LINK panel....

Task Discussion

  • tangram   Dec. 6, 2011, 10:09 p.m.

    See this post  and  this post on Stack Overflow   for a comparison of Mac text editors.  Some are free, some aren't.  

    If you're just starting out, try the free ones mentioned in the second post.  jEdit is available on Mac as well as Windows.

    TextMate and Coda are very popular, especially among web developers.  Coda's got some features to publish your files from your local machine up to your production  website. 

    Vim and Emacs are text editors, more plain text than GUI. 

    Eclipse, Aptana, and NetBeans are IDEs, which are editing tools specifically for programmers.  If you already use an IDE, you don't need recommendations for editors. smiley