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Full Description

  • Describe the purpose of the course and the learning goals for the tasks within.


The purpose for this course is that even though the course is based on a free, easy access webpage, and that anyone could easily or not so easily pickup the pieces on their own – you would find working as a group there is better support, troubleshooting and understanding on the subject that it may speed up the learning process.

  • Describe your role in this . What made you interested in this topic? What do you hope to achieve by organizing this ? Are you an expert, enthusiastic or a novice?


I am definitely a novice. I went through many channels to get to this point of knowledge on the subject on my own that I realized that it would have been easier to have been in a group working on the same task, goal and sharing experiences with one another for a pleasant journey. Since I’ve gone through the motions, I am more or less here to guide than to teach.

  • Include any prerequisite knowledge or skills needed to participate in the , the intended start date, estimated pace, commitment, amount of work, and the length of time the participants can expect to work together (a few days, a few weeks, or forever).


Ideally, forever as far as working together and unfortunately forever learning the program because it is a known fact that unless the program completely falls from earth – you will always have to learn new versions. That alone could be exhausting. BUT, when it comes to commintment, the award for all your efforts is at the end of the rainbow.

The timeline for the course is 3 months. Some will learn sooner than others. This is where I hope that those who do learn sooner are willing to share their knowledge with those who need support.

  • Provided any other information that could be useful for people interested in joining RAILS 101. In what ways can participants expect to contribute to the creation of tasks and assessing each others\' contributions? What will the final task comprise?


I am playing with the idea of continuing with the participants by offering them to join in a real life project which will involve web design, development and interaction.

The final task of this course is to test run and finalize a proven account website. The final goal is to have everyone feel comfortable using the program and learn more of the advantages that RAILS has to offer.

Task Discussion