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Getting Started!

I like to say that music is the absence of silence.
Music to me is all the sounds we hear. Whether we hear sounds one after another or all at the same time.

Music Theory is simply put the way of explaining, understanding, playing, and researching music in a mathematical/scientific way.
Music Theory gives you the tools to recreate music, to write your own, to analyze music, to hear music in a way where you know exactly what is
being played. Music Theory helps you learn how to play an instrument, or sing.
It talks about the technicalities of music and defines music in a new way.

In this course you will (hopefully) learn and understand these basics of music:
The musical alphabet. 

  • The musical alphabet.

  • How to read the treble clef.

  • How to read the bass clef.

  • What is rhythm?

  • What is a time signature?

  • Accidentals (Sharps, Flats, Naturals)

  • Whole Steps, half steps, & intervals.

  • What is a scale? How to construct one.

  • The Circle of Fifths

  • Key Signatures

  • What is a chord? How to construct one.


For a free music notation software that can help you and that we could use together forworksheets and more check out

Task Discussion