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Week 1- Tech Tools

For tonight’s Tech Tools session we’re going to do a bit of old school show & tell. Please bring along your favorite smart mobile device (smartphone and/or tablet) and a web site link to least one app that you have used or are considering using for an ARG. We will be giving everyone a bit of time to share, show & tell their app and idea(s) for using it, and we will be sharing a few of our own. The session promises to be fun for all the family (who are allowed up past bedtime), so join us won’t you?

Tonight’s session will start 7pm Second Life Time (SLT), i.e. 7pm PDT in the U.S., and take place at the Front Range Ground Floor location:  (look for the tree stumps & dandelions)

(If you'd like to see how this time lines up for you in other parts of the world, try:

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  • Imtiaz A. Chowdhury   21 maj 2012 08:52

    The livebinder link is a great junction for all the resources. Thanks!

  • Kae   21 maj 2012 14:02
    Som Svar På:   Imtiaz A. Chowdhury   21 maj 2012 08:52

    Kudos to Gridjumper for putting that together.

  • Jerry Buchko   11 maj 2012 15:09

    I thought we had quite a lively discussion at the tech tools session. Part of the conversation touched upon development tools, but it did seem much of our focus had been on apps that might be used in the game itself.

    We've collected a bit of both in the Livebinder, and it's always useful to learn of other tools that might be out there. Please feel free to do a bit of show & tell here if there are any tools you think would be good to share and perhaps a few ideas of how you imagine they they be used for development and/or game play.

    ~ Jerry 

  • graymills   17 maj 2012 17:42
    Som Svar På:   Jerry Buchko   11 maj 2012 15:09

    Given my likely need for AI, I have started looking at the CallMom Android app. It is a little like Siri on the iPhone but I suspect eventually you should be able to couple it to your own Pandorabot which makes it more customisable from the perspective of an ARG. The voice recognition is quite good imo. At the moment the beta is free.

  • graymills   18 maj 2012 04:44
    Som Svar På:   Jerry Buchko   11 maj 2012 15:09

    What might be cool would be to have RL versions of simple virtual world objects. There are ToS restrictions if it isn't your own creation, of course.

    If you have a COLLADA mesh, you can presumably print it out using a 3D printer/service (Meshtastic and Meshlab may help convert simple prim-based models to mesh and STL format).

    A cheaper option may be to use paper/card. I haven't tried this but there are a couple of sites that explain how to do it. I'd be more inclined to try it with OpenSim than SL in case it generates problems.

  • graymills   18 maj 2012 06:52
    Som Svar På:   Jerry Buchko   11 maj 2012 15:09

    Another image-based approach might be to use reverse image search, i.e. here is a picture, use or a similar service to locate the (hopefully unique) URL it came from. There could well be a sub-text there too.

  • graymills   10 maj 2012 13:23


    Don't know whether this is at all relevant but I used alternativeto to compile a list of tools similar to CeltX.

    I'm a fan of TiddlyWiki  and I'm interested in seeing whether a really simple interactive fiction tool called Twine that Cathy Moore blogged a while back can be adapted for ARGs.


    Apparently codes can play a key role so this list be useful. On the other hand, as my students are biologists, I may use something related to the genetic code. Or not use codes at all.

  • Gridjumper   10 maj 2012 14:18
    Som Svar På:   graymills   10 maj 2012 13:23

    Please come tonight and share your information regarding this tool.

  • graymills   10 maj 2012 17:06
    Som Svar På:   Gridjumper   10 maj 2012 14:18

    In the broader sense it's more an aspiration than a finished product. Re attendance, time zones are against us.

  • Kae   10 maj 2012 18:58
    Som Svar På:   graymills   10 maj 2012 17:06

    We're going to do 2 maybe wrap-up this week/overview session on Saturday. Or at least Abacus and I will be there at 8 am SLT and then 5 pm SLT on Front Range. Drop by if you are available and are interested.



  • graymills   11 maj 2012 03:47
    Som Svar På:   graymills   10 maj 2012 13:23

    Seems like I misinterpreted tech in this context in terms of development rather than delivery.

    In addition to a customised TiddlyWiki, I would offer Wikitude though I have negligible firsthand experience of it. I would envisage using it to give some kind of immersive experience of the locale as it was in Victorian times via images and maybe for some kind of geocaching or data visualization experience.

    The product has been updated recently to support a number of interesting capabilities, mainly for ambient game-play. Although the product is commercial, the development kit (SDK) is free for non-commercial use. As ever, the concern would be long-term viability so some fallback position is required too. That would also support students without suitable mobile devices.

  • graymills   11 maj 2012 05:53
    Som Svar På:   graymills   10 maj 2012 13:23

    Old example of the use of the Simile timeline plugin in TiddlyWiki (see different timelines in tool bar) -- I think you can also use it in gDocs. This or something like it might be of use in planning and/or delivery.

  • Gridjumper   11 maj 2012 12:37
    Som Svar På:   graymills   11 maj 2012 05:53

    We have posted a link to our Livebinder - bottom of the ARG P2P main page under all the participants and agenda/tasks.  Take a look and let us know if we need to add something, or perhaps change up the tabs to be more clear.

  • Jerry Buchko   11 maj 2012 14:58
    Som Svar På:   Gridjumper   11 maj 2012 12:37

  • Kae   11 maj 2012 22:41
    Som Svar På:   graymills   11 maj 2012 03:47

    Abacus, LeeDale and I will be introducing Wikitude, Wallit and TwittARound to a group of instructors at our inhouse Teaching with Technology conference on Tuesday. We'll report back on how it is recieved.

  • graymills   12 maj 2012 07:46
    Som Svar På:   graymills   10 maj 2012 13:23

    From a design-based-on-nodes perspective, Tufts VUE would be another possibility.

  • graymills   5 juni 2012 18:13
    Som Svar På:   Kae   11 maj 2012 22:41

    Just to say that there is a possibility that the Android-based SL viewer Lumiya may be GPS-enabled and also ported to OpenSim. That might significantly impact the way in which virtual worlds can be used in ARGs in the future.

    Also, I blogged the backstory to my ARG in case anyone's interested.

    Good luck with ARG Prime -- sorry I couldn't participate more fully but I have found the MOOC very useful.

  • Kae   7 juni 2012 17:58
    Som Svar På:   graymills   5 juni 2012 18:13

    Hey Gray!

    Read your blog - like how you revealed nothing about "ARG Prime." Whether you offer or not, we are going to be doing a free low UnSymposium in November. We'd love to have you come and we can have a general discussion session on ARGs and what it takes to plan and/or implement one. We would absolutely make it a EU friendly time! We could actually make it so the peopel at the UnSYm try different rabbitholes and challenges.

    We are psyched about producing ARG Prime. We're going to be a bit more transparent and let educators perhaps peer around the curtain.

    So we're going to start by leaving clues at the ISTE conference in SanDiego and the EdMedia 2012 AAEC conference in Denver.  Then run the ARG online from July 9 to July 23rd. We do have an online track and also a virtual worlds track ( yes plural!).

    So please keep in touch ..and yes we do read TIDALBLOG.

  • Jack Mosel (Jack Buxbaum in Second Life!) @moseljack (Twitter)   7 juni 2012 21:14
    Som Svar På:   graymills   5 juni 2012 18:13

    Team Viewer, Linking a remote desktop worked for me... On my iPad, I would think it would work on an Andoid device as well.

  • Jack Mosel (Jack Buxbaum in Second Life!) @moseljack (Twitter)   7 juni 2012 21:16
    Som Svar På:   Jerry Buchko   11 maj 2012 14:58


  • graymills   8 juni 2012 04:25
    Som Svar På:   Jack Mosel (Jack Buxbaum in Second Life!) @moseljack (Twitter)   7 juni 2012 21:14

    I use -- very simple setup.