posted message: Hi all. I would like to transition this course to a challenge set. The differences are subtle but challenges are the primary focus of P2PU. Challenges will allow us to show progress throughout the course. Some changes will include the sign-up process will be automatic, the external links section will change (we should create a page containing all of the external links, e.g. 'additional resources'), and the interface for the javascript 101 group will change. Are there any thoughts or objections regarding this pending transition? Thanks for your participation! --Brylie Oxley
posted message: Ah, a fork? Good thinking :-) We also have the etherpad if needed.
posted message: Try the Hackasaurus X-Ray Goggles: These goggles can be used to see the structure of any website. You can also use your Ninja skills to remove page elements, change text and images, and share your vandal-fications with friends!
posted message: Hey all, I would like to create another couple of tasks and improve on the existing ones. What are some areas that you all would like to explore? What are some of the tasks that seem confusing, or could use improvement? I will appreciate any feedback you provide. Please feel free to contact me privately or post on the study group wall. Thanks!
posted message: Hi all. What are some ideas on how we can make this class interactive? The tasks are, so far, just quick explanations of common Git commands. I would like to foster communication and interaction in this class and am reaching out to all of you to help this class become an active study group. Thanks!
posted message: The course has begun. See the tasks list to get started :-)
posted message:

Hi all, Lets begin this course by reviewing the materials listed on the first assignment:

Please be sure to post a comment on the assignment page with your answers to the review questions.