Open Source Coder


For those who would like to earn recognition for participating in this course, an Open Badge is available for you to earn. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Open Badges, learn more about them here:

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Open Source Coder Badge

Earning the 'Open Source Coder' Badge

Go to the Badge's page and read about the criteria for earning the badge. You can find the Badge's page here: . Then continue reading below for more information on resources to use to achieve this badge.

What is Open Source, and why should I care?


Project Euler

I've completed the exercises, now what?

Once you have setup your GitHub account, completed 20 Project Euler problems, committed and pushed your programming solutions to Git, you need to follow the following instructions for applying for the badge:

  1. Go to the Badge's page and click on the large "Submit a project for this Badge" button found on the left-hand side of the page near the bottom.
  2. Complete the form, and where it asks for the "Project URL", enter in the URL of your GitHub account.
  3. Under "Project Description" enter the 20 Project Euler problems you chose to solve, and preferably provide links to the problems on the Project Euler site.
  4. Under "Second Thoughts", share your reflections on participating in the course and in working towards achieving the badge. What did you learn? What did you find challenging? How did you feel once you succeeded in completing the course and the Badge criteria?
  5. Under "Tags", you can give a comma-separated list of tags for your project submission. Possible tags you might like to consider using are: open source, github, git, python, project euler, mathematics
  6. (Optional) You can also submit a Photo for the submission. You can use your creativity here. You might want to submit a screenshot of some of your code, or of your GitHub account, etc.


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