Getting Started: Introductions and Team Formation (March 3-17)

During the two week enrollment period (first two weeks, March 3-17), you should introduce yourself to your peers, and find a partner to team up with.

As soon as possible, please log on to the Google forum for this class, introduce yourself, and find a partner to team up with.

  • Introduce yourself to your peers and explain why you are taking this course. Items of particular relevance could include (a) your current professional setting; (b) your previous experience with or knowledge of copyright; (c) your geographical or time zone; (d) your particular interests within copyright.
  • Identify a partner with whom you will bounce ideas off of, and co-write your team responses to the 3 Case Scenarios. Come up with a fun name for your team and introduce the team to your fellow students.
  • Discuss with your partner how you want to coordinate your work -- online meetings at agreed times? asynchronous communications by email? You are free to use the Google forum for this class for all your group discussions, understanding that all such discussions will be available to all other students.

When you have found your partner, post a team introduction on the Google forum for this class. We will post the teams & their members here for reference, but all communications should be conducted on the Google forum for this class.


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