Case Scenario 1 (due April 6 Sun)

Case Scenario 1

Instructions: Each team should submit one collaborative written answer to the questions at the end of this Case Scenario. Submit your team's assignment by posting it in the Google forum for this class.

Case Scenario 1 is due at 11:59 PST on Sunday, April 6.

Terry is a high school science teacher, and is considering using the following materials for a history of science unit:

  • Excerpts from Darwin’s book "On the Origin of Species"
  • Genetic Code Chart from Indiana
  • A clip from the PBS science documentary "Einstein's Big Idea" which Terry taped from television
  • Clips from the film "Jurassic Park"
  • Images of the nine planets downloaded from NASA's website
  • Terry's own original drawings and photographs of animals, trees, and other plants, created while on vacation.
  • Terry's own original quizzes, research, teaching notes and text about Galileo, prepared for the course.

  • One-page fact sheet about the Solar System, which Terry designed and compiled using information from the following sources:

    • Astronomy Magazine2


Note: If you need additional information to answer any of these questions, identify that information and how it would influence your responses.

  1. Identify which type of "subject matter" (kind of copyrightable material) is represented by each of the resources Terry is using. (See 17 U.S.C. §§ 102-103.)

  2. Identify whether or not each of the works is protected by copyright, and who owns the copyright in each work. Explain your answers.

Submit your team's assignment by posting it in the Google forum for this class.


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