5.1 Run your workshop - Week 4

Run your course and get some feedback

We hope you got some peer feedback and tips on improving your workshop in the last section. In any case, the best way to improve your workshops is to run your course and to get feedback from your participants. The next steps are;

There are many ways to get feedback as discussed earlier in the course. One of the most direct way is just observe people in your workshop to check they are engaged.

When you have run your workshop please write up some notes and include direct feedback from participants if you have collected any. Post a link to these notes and feedback in your comments below.

Apply for your Workshop Delivery badge

You've done the work now you can claim your badge as part of the Open Badges universe.

Workshop Delivery badge

When you have posted a link to your reflection / feedback in the comments below, you can apply for a Workshop Delivery badge. Click here for a page where you can claim your badge. Be sure to include a link to where you posted your reflection when you are claiming the badge.

Don't Panic

Don't worry if you have to wait a while before you have a suitable event where you can deliver your workshop, we understand, just check back in here when you can do it.


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