Week 2 Google Hangout (13 August): Guest speaker

Update: This Google Hangout took place on Tuesday, 13 August at 18:00 BST/10am US PDT. The recording is here and the notes are at this pad.

Agenda for synchronous discussion

Guest speaker Allen Gunn from Aspiration Tech and Rhiannon from Seeds for Change will join our Google Hangout.

About Seeds for Change: Seeds for Change are activists providing support and training to activists, campaigners, community groups and co-operatives. They support people who want to make our world a better and more sustainable place. On their website they offer guides and briefings which have lots of practical skills and ideas to make your meetings run smoothly and painlessly, not to mention making your campaign or project a success! They cover topics like consensus decision making, facilitating meetings, how to win your campaign, publicity, and taking action. All materials are free.

Website: http://www.seedsforchange.org.uk/

Bio: Allen Gun - Gunner

The common thread that connects all facets of Gunner's work is a focus on open approaches to capacity building and knowledge sharing in social change efforts. Aspiration prioritizes work that supports and contributes to open communities of practice who create technology and content that benefits nonprofit and foundation efforts. The organization has designed and facilitated over 130 extremely open learning and knowledge sharing events, in over 30 countries across the globe, predicated on a philosophy of active participation that puts each participant “in control of their own destiny”, in contrast to approaches that place audiences in passive listening roles. Aspiration publishes all licensed work products, including software tools, books, papers and training materials, under open licenses; for published documents and media, the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike, and for software the GNU General Public License whenever possible.


To join a Google Hangout, you must have a Google plus account. If this isn't something that you want to do, or if you miss the discussion, you can still take part via the comment section below.

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You will need a microphone on your computer that works and optionally a webcam. It's a bit like a conference call on Skype. Try to test it out if you can beforehand. Here's a link to some help troubleshooting - https://support.google.com/hangouts/?hl=en#topic=2944848

Setting the Agenda

  • TBD
  • Is there anything else we want to discuss today?
  • Is anything missing from the Agenda?


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