6. Improve this course - Week 4

Further Web reading

  • Debrief: Sprinting to Build an Open Science Course - Example of a workshop that turned into a School of Open course called Open Science: An Introduction.
  • Seeds for Change resources: Lots of guides to workshops, meetings, facilitation and tools for workshops.
  • Wilderdom has a wide selection of 'games' and activities to complement and support learning, including links to other resources.
  • Training for Dummies, Elaine Biech, 2005. ISBN: 0764559850. Good resource to support ongoing learning. Lots of tips and techniques for existing or would-be facilitators.
  • How to Run a Great Workshop: The Complete Guide to Designing and Running Brilliant Workshops and Meetings, Nikki Highmore Sims, 2006. ISBN: 0273707876. Useful guide to developing and running participatory workshops.
  • Facilitating Group Learning: Strategies for Success with Adult Learners, George Lakey, 2010. ISBN: 0470768630. Very readable book with lots of examples from his extensive experience of facilitating social change groups.

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Task: Share your workshop tips

How would you improve this course? How would you expand what you learned here into a larger workshop/unconference?


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