5. Design your own workshop - Week 4

Task: Create your agenda

You have been making notes about what elements to incorporate into your workshop. Now organize them into an agenda!

There are a few things to think about when you are making a list of your activities. Writing them down in an agenda or workshop plan can really help you imagine exactly how it will all fit together, and most importantly how log each activity will take.

What are you going to be doing for each activity? What are other participants going to be doing? What resources do you need? If you have support from other people what can they do to support the process? How long will each activity take?

Here is a start of a workshop plan in a word processing document to use if you don't already have a template. Delete the existing content and add your own.

As you start to plan more workshops you find it is always good to think about back up plans in case things don't go the way you are expecting. You can use the creation of the workshop plan to think about your back up plans.

What will people do if one group finishes an activity much quicker than other groups? What is your back up plan if you don't get access to the resources you have planned for (ie no Internet!)?

There are plenty of ways or organise and agenda. We have created a template for you if you want to use it.

Post a link to your agenda below.

Apply for your Workshop Designer Badge

Workshop Designer badge

When you have posted a link to your plan in the comments below, you can apply for a Workshop Designer badge. Click here for for details on how to claim your badge. Be sure to include a link to where you posted your workshop plan when you are claiming the badge.

Credit - The badge uses graphical element from the noun project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY) license. The lesson plan template is released under (CC 0) licence.


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