Communicating in this course

The interaction between participants is the basis for this course.


For answering discussion questions and completing tasks for each section, use Disqus. If you’ve looked through the weeks, you’ll notice there is a discussion board called Disqus at the bottom of each week. Each week has a specific discussion board. There is also a discussion board for general course questions/comments under the ‘Discussion’ tab.

Here is a short tutorial on how to use Disqus.


This is how the course organizers (Mick Fuzz and Jane Park) will communicate course logistics to you. Through email, you can ask us questions directly.

Google Group!forum/designing-collaborative-workshops

Join this Google Group for the course. This group serves as an open forum where you can communicate with each other, explore similar interests, and discuss as many different things related to collaborative workshops as you like.

Collaborative Workbook

You are invited to directly add to and alter the course contents. To do this please sign up for an account and edit the course on FLOSS Manuals. FLOSS Manuals uses a simple wiki system called Booktype, specifically designed to make it easy to collaborate on and print our materials as handouts and workbooks. There are reversable track changes on the system which means we can all see what changes have been made so don't be afraid to get involved and get editing.

Google Hangouts

We will host 3 Google hangouts throughout this course. Here is the schedule:


We will use this etherpad for Google hangout RSVPs and notes during the hangout. Etherpad is extremely easy to use, you just click and start editing!


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