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Sign up: Action Items for ARG [May 19, 2012, 7:42 p.m.]

Hello everyone,

Based on our discussion on Thursday night, we determined the following Action Items necessary for our ARG Prime. We tried to acccomodate those of you developing your own ARGS for class purposes and made references to course content.

Please indicate under each action item what you would like to work on. All participants may edit this task as it is a collaborative work space. Abacus will be posting Google Docs for each Action Item as comment to this task.

Action Items:

  1. Identify any already established course material/ digital assets that will be used
  2. Decide on learning objectives, course competencies and if they will be mapped to any standards
  3. Write the Narrative
  4. Write/Storyboard the Scenario ( Flow)
  5. Develop the Challenges/Puzzles ( Fiero)
  6. Create the Artifacts/Clues
  7. Weave Artifacts, Clues, Challenges and Puzzles into Narrative and Storyboard seamlessly
  8. Develop the pedagogical agents/ NPCs and/or recruit and train the actors
  9. Assign the Dates
    • Workspace: Will need to gather emails to share calendar will everyone that wants it. Will gather emails on Monday
    • Collaborators:
      • Everyone. We'll go over Monday
  10. Open the Rabbithole
  11. Play the Game
    • Workspace: N/A
    • Collaborators:

  12. Evaluate and Incorporate Feedback