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WEEK FIVE (Oct 31-Nov 6)--Assessment Strategies

  Assessment Strategies

This week you will consider the role that assessment should play in differentiating instruction. You will continue to work on your final project, focusing on effective instructional strategies and assessment techniques that accommodate students' different learning styles and multiple intelligences.


Authentic Tasks, John Mueller
As you read this article pay particular attention to the section "Characteristics of Authentic Tasks," and think about how you will devise assessments that will engage students with a variety of learning styles.

Recommendations for Developing Classroom Performance Assessments and Scoring Rubrics, Barbara M. Moskal
Review this article for practical suggestions about how to design a well-aligned, authentic performance assessment.


  1. Review Resources
    Explore this assortment of online assessment resources compiled by the University of Wisconsin. This collection is designed to help teachers find resources about designing authentic assessments. According to your needs and interests, open and review at least two of the resources presented on the website. How can you integrate these ideas into your final project? What new ideas about assessment do these resources generate?
  2. Watch
    View the “Closing Thoughts - Focusing on Students” segment of the Differentiating Mathematics Instruction video. (This clip is located second from the bottom in the “Segments” list.) In this video, Dr. Marian Small shares her thoughts on what a differentiated classroom looks like, and why helping each student access mathematics in his or her own way is important.
  3. Final Project

    Option 1:  Lesson Plan
    Open your Differentiating Instruction: Lesson Plan Template and review the learning goals and activities that you have planned so far. Identify assessments that will allow students with a variety of learning styles to demonstrate what they know and are able to do based on your lesson.

    Also, you should begin to plan specific strategies you might use to differentiate your instruction to help all students meet the learning goals you've identified. Complete sections 5-7 of the template by doing the following:

    • Complete the Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles grid.
    • Describe how you will assess student work.
    • Describe your plan for differentiating instruction in your classroom.

Option 2:  Design Your Own Project

If you have chosen to design your own final project.  Continue to work on it this week.  Be sure your project is incorporating ideas we have been discussion throughout the course.  Also, consider how you will share your creation with your fellow coursemates.  Many of the online tools, including those suggested, offer ways to embed or share products.


Share one thing you learned about assessment this week. How will you weave the tenets of differentiated instruction into your assessments?

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Be sure to return frequently during the session to read and respond to comments posted by other participants.

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