Anyone can follow a course on P2PU. Participating is the next level of engagement. The sign-up is a space where interested individuals can express their interest and background in the topic and commit to working with the rest of the participants. Please answer the following set(s) of questions if you want to become a participant or organizer.

Standard Set

This set of signup questions is common to all study groups, courses, ... in P2PU. The answers to these questions will be public once you get accepted.

  • What made you interested in this topic?
  • What do you hope to achieve by participating?
  • Are you interested in helping with the course organization?

Between Participants Custom Set

This set of signup questions is particular to this course. The answers to these questions will be visible to all participants once you get accepted.

What do you teach (grade and subject), at what school, and what is your email address?

What do you think you can contribute to this course on differentiated instruction? (At P2PU, peer learing is a focus, which means that everyone is both a learner and a teacher.)

What are your current strategies (if any) for differentiating instruction in your classroom?

Have you ever participated in any online learning experience?  If so, please indicate what type of learning experience it was and your overall impressions.