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WEEK TWO (Oct 10-Oct 16)--Identifying Learning Styles

  Identifying Learning Styles

In Week One you began to explore the concept of differentiated instruction, which is rooted in the premise that students learn in different ways and at different paces. One way to think more carefully about these differences among students is to consider them through the lens of learning styles. This week you will investigate a few theories about learning styles and consider how to provide opportunities for students to have learning experiences best suited to their style of learning. You will also complete several learning style inventories. In the discussion, you will comment on how your own learning style has affected your approach to teaching.


The readings below provide an overview to several learning style theories and categorizations. Note that there is no one standard theory of learning styles.

Introduction to Learning Styles, Marcia L. Connor
This article introduces several learning style theories, including Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, which will be discussed in greater depth in Session Three.

An Educator's Journey Toward Multiple Intelligences, Scott Seider
A teacher reflects on his evolving understanding of Multiple Intelligence theory and how it impacts teachers, students, and the school climate.

Learning Styles Overview, The University of Western Ontario
This article provides an overview of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles and includes examples that describe strategies that help each type of learner experience success.


Complete at least two of the following online inventories to discover your preferred learning style. Be sure to read about your results with the links provided at the end of these inventories. You may consider having your students take one of these inventories as well. [Note: If your students are interested in taking an online survey, be sure to instruct them not to provide any identifying information about themselves, and check to see that participation by students will not violate your district's acceptable use policy.]


Reflect on the results of the inventories you completed. What did you learn about your own preferred learning style? To what extent does your current teaching style meet the needs learners with learning styles different from yours?

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Be sure to return frequently during the session to read and respond to comments posted by other participants.

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