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WEEK SIX (Nov 7-Nov 13)--Share and Review

  Share and Review

This week you will explore what it means to differentiate instruction in specific content areas and review general strategies for differentiating instruction in the classroom. You will also finish and share your final project with your colleagues.


Mapping a Route Toward Differentiated Instruction, Carol Ann Tomlinson
This article describes techniques used by three classroom teachers.


  1. Online Resources
    Review this list of online resources that contains links to articles, sample units, and questionnaires about differentiated instruction.
    • Follow one link of interest under the “Instructional Theory”, “Practical Tips for the Classroom”, and “Sample Units and Lessons” sections.
    • Do these resources spark any new ideas about how to differentiate your instruction? What are they?
    • Think about the Final Project that you have been developing. Now that you have seen these resources, do you want to add or modify anything in your product?
  2. Final Project

    Option 1: Lesson Plan
    Complete your Differentiating Instruction: Lesson Plan Template, and then review your entire final project and make any necessary changes. Think about the content-specific information that you read at The Access Center website. Does this information help you refine your final project at all? When you have finished your lesson plan, post it in the designated discussion forum on our Google Group page, along with a brief description. 

    Option 2:  Design Your Own Project
    If you chose to create your own product for a final project, complete your work and share your product in the designated discussion forum on our Google Group along with a brief description. (This may mean uploading and attaching a file to your post, sharing a URL, or embedding the product directly into your post.)




In the discussion forum, share your lesson plan or alternative project and describe at least one strategy you will employ to differentiate instruction and provide multiple pathways for your students to learn. Please offer feedback on your colleagues’ projects.

Please use our Google Group page for this discussion

Be sure to return frequently during the session to read and respond to comments posted by other participants.

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