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Wk 1-Overview of blended + online [Aug. 18, 2011, 3:15 p.m.]

Blended and online instruction are hot topics, but what are the real benefits and challenges associated with these models?

And what is "blended" anyway? To some, it just means a hybrid of face-to-face (f2f) and online. 

Blended learning is more than just using online technology in class or doing whole class activities with online course materials though. It often substitutes for some in-class contact hours. Most importantly, blended learning gives students a chance to work independently and to experience a variety of learning modalities that are best suited to their needs and preferences.

What is blended? “Combin[ing] f2f classroom instruction with online learning and reduced seat time” - EDUCAUSE “Substantial proportion of the content is delivered online.” The Sloan Consortium defines blended courses as having between 30% and 79% of their content delivered online. - Allen, Seaman and Garrett  “25-75% of the content is delivered online and the remainder delivered face-to-face” - Quality Matters Student-centered, active learning, both f2f and online

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Online Instruction

Some of the obvious benefits of online instruction are that it allows students greater access to more courses, helps facilitate differentiated learning, and give teachers more options in how they teach. Online learning allows for teachers and students to teach and learn anywhere or anyplace.


Some of the disadvantages can include different expectations for teachers, student access issues, and the fact that online learning may not suit every learner.


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