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Wk 1 - Introductions

Welcome to this learning group! Our purpose here is to look at our personal and professional learning habits as teachers.

Introduce yourself here. Tell a little about why you're interested in this group and what your personal or professional learning habits have been like in the past. Also tell us what you'd like to learn and talk about in our time together.

If you'd like, you can make a short video for your introduction or make a VoiceThread. You may also add to this Voicethread that has already been started for our group. These are both good ways to get to know each other and begin using tools for personal learning.

A group of us are helping facilitate this discussion as long as learning with the group, including:

  • Karen Fasimpaur
  • Bud Hunt
  • Joe Dillon
  • Cindy Minnich
  • Paul Oh
  • Bonita DeAmicis
  • Scoll Shelhart
  • Jonas Backelin


We'll introduce ourselves here as well. :)

Task Discussion