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Orientation Part Four- P2PU Platform and Other Resources [Aug. 18, 2011, 9:44 p.m.]


Orientation Part Four

  • P2PU platform
  • Other resources

What is there to use here?  Well, if you have made it this far you already see the comment features, the course title, description, and syllabus.  You may not have noticed the easy course navigation on the left side of the screen?  Also, P2P offers help in the form of an ongoing blog about new features (see navigation bar across top), and a FAQ area (see navigation along bottom).

Feel free to use this discussion area to share what you notice about P2PU and or ask questions to learn how to navigate and use the course. Notice that we have conversations by using the comment and reply features at each task. Private messages are also available at each person's profile page.

You are officially done with orientation and ready to begin your journey into STUDENT ENGAGEMENT. Head for Week One Tasks!