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Week 6B (Nov.1-Nov.6)- Culminating Projects

At this point we have studied and discussed a number of ideas surrounding the concept of Student Engagement.  You have been building your ideas toward a lesson plan designed with Student Engagement in mind.  If you are like me you are thinking, "Why wouldn't all lessons begin with student engagement in mind?" I would like us, at this point, to share our culminating projects.

Here is the link to the lesson plan template (but hopefully you already have your own version to share with us).

Here is the link to the rubric we will use to examine and evaluate the plans we have written.

Let's share and discuss how to improve on the aspects of engagement that we have addressed in our planning.  Then I would like everyone to go out and try out their plan! Come back and report your findings so that we can learn from the experiences of each other.

In the comment area of this task, please share how your lesson went, whether engagement was increased, and what you might try differently the next time.

Task Discussion