Anyone can follow a community course on P2PU. Participating is the next level of engagement. The sign-up is a space where interested individuals can express their interest and background in the topic and commit to working with the rest of the participants. Please answer the following set(s) of questions if you want to become a participant or organizer.

Standard Set

This set of signup questions is common to all study groups, courses, ... in P2PU. The answers to these questions will be public once you get accepted.

  • What made you interested in this topic?
  • What do you hope to achieve by participating?
  • Are you interested in helping with the community course organization?

Between Participants Custom Set

This set of signup questions is particular to this community course. The answers to these questions will be visible to all participants once you get accepted.

1) Have you had some experience with programming?

2) Have you touched on Ruby On Rails before, and how much have you learned?

3) Other then the main goal, what other goal/s would you like to accomplish?

4) Are you willing to share every problem and solution with all participants via post or email?