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Research Publications

"Open access (OA) is the practice of providing unrestricted access via the Internet to peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles." -Wikipedia

The Basics of Open Access

When scientific research is conducted, the results of this work are written in paper format and published in scientific journals. Access to the results of this research, in these peer-reviewed research articles, is central to the idea of Open Access (OA). As with many open things, the openness of a journal is based on a number of factors relating to how access to articles is allowed or restricted. In this module, we'll be exploring the idea OA in terms of what OA is and how to assess the openness of journals, publications, and other media. You'll also have the opportunity to go out and find OA artifacts and contribute to the Commons!

This video by Nick Shockey, Jonathan Eisen, and Jorge Cham illustrates the importance of Open Access.

Open Access Explored! by PhdComics / CC BY.

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Module Section List

  1. What Makes it Open? Describing Open Access
  2. How Open is It? Assessing Openness
  3. Where's the OA? Interacting with OA Artifacts
  4. What Can I Do? Contributing to an OA project

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