or-1. What makes it Open?

Describing Open Research


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Image by Robin Davies / CC BY

"There are a lot of open scientists who work toward the same goals. We hope to bring about a new culture to enhance the speed of science, to improve our collective knowledge, and to make discoveries that would be impossible in the old system. That is why open research practices are important to me, and that is why every scientist should be an open scientist."

-Anthony Salvagno, from "The value of open research" blog post (CC-BY)



Task (20mins)

Take a look at a few of the resources above that explain what Open Research is, then describe it as if you were telling a friend or colleague for the first time. Open Research involves concepts explored in the Open Access and Open Data modules, so consider the overlap and interaction between what's been touched on already.

Post a link to your blog post in the discussion thread below.

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