oa-2. How Open is it?

Assessing Openness

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How Open Is It? by SPARC and PLOS / CC BY


OA Journal Resources

Task (20min)

Using the resources above, and using the “How Open is It?” guide as a reference point, assess the openness of one (1) electronic resource in terms of its:

  • reader rights
  • reuse rights
  • copyrights
  • author posting rights
  • automatic posting
  • metadata readability

The ideal electronic resources for this task are scholarly journal articles, but white papers, blog posts, and other non-peer-reviewed writings. If you’re unable to find information that describes the electronic resource by those criteria, note this, and explain in a blog post what you think would make the resource more “open”.

Post a link to your blog post in the discussion thread below.

Content in this course licensed CC BY where applicable. enter image description here


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