Hey there! We're making a map of our peers.

To help build a sense of community around this course, the discussion, and the (especially) participants, we've set up a map to display the geographic location of those joining us this time around. If you've enrolled in the course, you'll have been sent a notification email that includes a link to the Google form that is feeding this map. Please enter the information you're comfortable sharing (city / state / country) and let other know where you're joining us from. And if you'll be joining us from multiple locations across the four weeks, just share your current location - don't be concerned about updating it.

And we're introducing ourselves! Time to share your blog.

If you've taken a look at the How this course works page, you'll know that participants will be using their blogs to respond/reply about completing the tasks in each module. Well, what better way to find out who's who than to post a link to our own blog to begin?! If you are taking part in this course, please post a comment in the Disqus field area with a link to either your blog's homepage or the "about" section of your blog. Doing this is not a required part of the course, but being connected to each other in simple ways (like this) is part of the magic that glues us together when learning online.


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