oa-3. Where's the OA?

Where is the OA?** Interacting with OA Artifacts


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Example OA journal article: "Who Shares? Who Doesn't? Factors Associated with Openly Archiving Raw Research Data" by H. Piwowar, published in PLOS ONE.

Task (30min)

Choose an area of scientific research that interests you, then use a search tool (Google Scholar, CCSearch, etc) to find three (3) OA resources related to your topic. In your blog response, include the following:

Include a short (~1 paragraph) summary of your search for these OA items, noting any difficulties you had in the search process as well as any tools (open-source?) you used to make the search process more productive.

(Helpful hint: Mendeley and Zotero are nice citation management tools that can "pull" a citation from many digital archive webpages. Consider using them in the future.)

Post a link to your blog post in the discussion thread below.

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