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Working on Science in the Open

"Open research is research conducted in the spirit of free and open source software. If the research is scientific in nature, it is frequently referred to as open science." -Wikipedia

The Basics of Open Research

Open research is about opening up the processes and the tools of scientific discovery.It may currently take more than a year before scientific results are officially published, and some of the results will never be written up at all. Open research alleviates these problems by directly reporting all of the results while the research is in progress, resulting in faster access to more results. Open research also entails using free and open source research tools, which make it easier for other scientists to replicate experiments, a cornerstone of the scientific method.

Video Clip

This video gives a quick overview of Open Research.
Open Research by Daniel Mietchen, dedicated CC0

Module Section List

  1. What Makes it Open? Describing Open Research
  2. How Can We Research Openly? Assessing the Openness of Research Tools
  3. Who's Working on It? Interacting with Communities

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