Challenge 2

Mapping our community concerns

This challenge asks you to record the main issues in mental health that you perceive in your country or community based on your explorations in Module 2. Although this is a personal opinion, please keep your comments focused on community issues and not individual cases.

How to complete this challenge

  1. Pin a placemarker on your country or town (please consider your personal privacy and avoid placemarking actual street addresses) , including a short comment, to answer the question:

What are the major issues about mental health in your community?


Check back on the site, because once we know how geographically distributed participants are, and what themes are of interest to you, we'll post some discussions into the forums.

Suggested strategy

Update 5/11/2013: To make this task easier, we have replaced the previous map that required you to have a google account, with this map which doesn't require you to have an account. Use the 'Add' button on the top right to add a placemarker.

Help: If you don't see the map embedded above, you can view the map in a new window and use the from the menu called Additions, select Add marker simple (or detailed).

If you encounter difficulties with pinning onto the map, feel free to post your response in the forum below. However, it would be great to have a visual record of our community concerns so please have a try!


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