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This self-directed, open course aims to build awareness and understanding about mental health issues both locally and globally. The course seeks to bring a wide range of people together from across the globe in a shared conversation about building mental wealth. Mental wealth is about building positive wellbeing in individuals and communities and raising awareness of issues surrounding mental health.

What is this course about?

This course has five modules that can be undertaken sequentially or individually. Each module provides a 'launchpad' of material to increase your knowledge and understanding about mental wellness. There is also an associated 'challenge' for each module, which is an active task asking you to undertake an activity.

You will also explore:

  • Mental health and mental wealth
  • Stigma and how to counter such attitudes
  • How mental health is perceived differently around the world
  • Factors that impact on good and poor mental health
  • How you can build mental wealth for yourself and in your communities
  • Your own beliefs about mental health and mental illness, and identify what has shaped these

It is also likely that you will make contacts that persist outside this course (e.g. social networks).

Are modules moderated by a facilitator?

Yes, have a look at each module for the level of moderation during specific activities. You can also find out more about the facilitators.

Why it is being offered?

The course is being offered to increase awareness and understanding about mental health and mental health issues that affect both individuals and communities. We wish to build social capital by sharing information about mental health and illness to strengthen individuals’ understanding and increase tolerance about mental health issues in the community.

The course is being offered as a celebration of World Mental Health Day 10 October 2013.

The course is also a trial in opening up health education, and is supported by Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia.

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone interested in mental health and wellness. It is open to everyone over the age of 16 from around that world that would like to share their thoughts and perceptions, engage in a positive and mutually empowering way about mental health, mental wealth and mental health issues. This course is specifically targeted at people who know little about mental health but would like to learn and gain knowledge about mental health around the world.

Although this is in one sense an introductory course, if you are experienced in the issues covered in this course we actively encourage you to join in and contribute your expertise and resources to support those who are new to this area.

What it is not

This course is NOT a self-help group for people with mental health issues or a place to talk about treatment. Nor is it a place to talk about personal stories of mental illness. There are many other places on the internet available for that. This course is also NOT for health professionals specifically. Anybody who is interested in mental wellness, and also those who work closely with people or their local community, will find the modules useful.

Why should I participate?

  • To explore mental health and mental wealth for individuals and communities
  • To increase your knowledge base and reflect on issues associated with mental health
  • To share what you learn with your personal and professional networks

What do I need to do as a participant? (What is the course made up of?)

There are five modules to engage with. We understand that some people may move around non-sequentially from one module to another but we think that the best experience for participants is to undertake the modules in a linear fashion with each module being completed over one week. This takes advantage of the periods of facilitation.

We encourage you to use our Facebook page, follow us on our Google+ page or on Twitter at @MWFlinders and use hashtag #mwflinders to share resources. For more information see How to participate.

Do I receive any recognition for completing the challenges in this course?

Yes, absolutely! By working through the materials contributing your ideas and completing each of the set challenges, you can receive a 'Mental Wealth Activist' badge to demonstrate your understanding of the importance of mental wealth within communities and organisations. The badge is awarded by peers to each other based on the successful completion of the set challenges in each module. Find out more on the Apply for a badge page.

Course etiquette

In addition to the normal guidance for interaction and behaviour in online courses, we would like to suggest the following:

  • Please do not post personal or sensitive materials about your own experience of mental illness (or other people’s)
  • Please do not post inflammatory material that could upset other participants
  • Please treat all participants with the respect you would like to be afforded
  • Please avoid using participants' full names on the course site (use their P2PU avatar name)