Challenge 4

Media portrayals of mental health issues

This challenge asks you to compare portrayals of mental illness within media such as films, books, art, newspaper headlines, advertisements, poems, songs or other media.

How to complete this challenge

Choose a mental health issue it interests you to research.

Find two different types of media (e.g. a poem and a video). (For resources and examples, see Module 4 and the discussion forum.)

Post a comment in the discussion forum with your analysis of the two resources:

How might these resources influence people's judgement about the mental health issues?

For example: - Do these resources compliment each other or portray different perspectives? - Are they positive or negative? - Do they help educate people about stigma or do they perpetuate myths?

Suggested strategies

You could do this as a written exercise.

You could create a story (e.g. use a tool like storify, or other storytelling tools) to answer the questions.


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