Challenge 5

Be a mental wealth activist!

This final challenge asks you to be a 'mental wealth activist' – someone who actively raises awareness about positive wellbeing in individuals and communities.

The previous four challenges have encouraged you to take small actions among your local networks and community. You’ve collected and shared perspectives, shared a community concern with a global audience, challenged stigma, and explored portrayals of mental illness in the media.

This final challenge is to contribute to creating and sharing a short, simple, positive message about mental wealth for all participants in the course to share and take forward beyond the end date of this course. We will be using the forum to 'vote up' the most popular message to take forward.

How to complete this challenge

  1. Create a message that is short, simple and positive, uses the phrase #mentalwealth (this will be used as a hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook). It needs to be less than 140 characters (so that it can be shared easily). Example: Know it and grow it! #mentalwealth

  2. Post your suggestion in the forum below.

  3. Vote for the message that you like the most. The most popular message by Wednesday 27 November 2013 will be our message to feed forward.

  4. Take this message beyond the course somehow – into the wild – and post evidence of how you did this in the forum below. Your evidence could be a description, a photograph, or a screen capture if you do something online.

Let's see if we can come up with a collection of creative and proactive versions of our message to promote mental wellness across the globe!

Suggested strategy

Feel free to be creative.


  • Write the message on a napkin and leave it on a table in a busy café
  • Put your personal email as a signature
  • Tweet it, sms it, blog it, email it, post it – but please, no spamming!
  • Write it on a piece of paper, take a photograph of yourself holding it somewhere
  • Take a photo in Instagram and use the message and hashtag in the comments
  • Write it on the sand at the beach and take a photograph
  • Pin a note to your local community noticeboard

Update: Thursday 28th November

Challenge 5: Vote now

See the vote results in the forum below!

Here are all the submissions for Challenge 5 that were posted onto the discussion forums by the cut off date (Wednesday 27th November) and fit the criteria of:

  • uses the phrase #mentalwealth
  • less than 140 characters

Please vote for the phrase you like best and we'll let you know on Friday 29th November, via a course announcement and social media, which message has the most votes, and can be used to complete the challenge.

If you don't like any of them, you can do your own thing of course, but having a united voice can be powerful, so try to choose one.

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