Challenge 3

Busting myths and stigma

In 'Busting myths & stigma (Module 3)' you contributed to a list of ideas about how individuals can challenge the stigma of mental illness in society. This challenge asks you to share one of these positive ideas with your community in some way.

How to complete this challenge

Look in the discussion forum for Module 3 for practical ideas for busting myths and stigma.

After reading these ideas, choose one (it can be yours or something someone else has suggested) you believe you can actively undertake to raise awareness of an issue that matters to you or your community.

What practical action will you take to achieve this? If you are able to complete the action, you are asked to do so in a safe manner.

Post a brief summary (tell a story) in the forum below about how you challenged stigma and the outcome of the action.

Suggested strategy

Decide on the type of action you will take. It could be:

  • an email to your local politician or health minister
  • a tweet to share a resource
  • a phone call, a talk or presentation
  • sharing a resource on social media
  • contributing a comment to a blog

It may be an example of something you have already done in the past. For instance, based on the facts about mental health and illness you have explored in this website, you may have chosen to speak up in protest and responded appropriately when friends or colleagues displayed false beliefs and negative stereotypes of mental illness.


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