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End of course feedback

Is there anything that you think that we should have done differently during this course?

Please let us know your thoughts, via this short (6 questions) anonymous feedback survey, so that we can learn what worked, and what didn't work, from our first open online course about mental wealth.


An update on Challenge 5!

On Friday, there were even votes for multiple slogans, so we've left the voting process open over the weekend and will check in on Monday 2nd December and hopefully there is an obvious leading slogan! If not, we'll post the survey results anyway, and let you choose so that you can move on with Challenge 5.

If you haven't voted - it's not too late!

We hope you don't mind us extending the voting - it would be great to have a united voice that you can take forward. If you choose to send out an alternative message, instead of the message that is voted for - you will still be eligible to apply for a badge. We're not mandating any particular message, and it is just a suggestion. You are free to complete the challenge in the way that feels the most powerful for you - as a group or an individual.

Don't worry, although the course has officially ended according to the schedule, if you are planning on applying for a badge, we'll still be around for the badge applications.

So, after you've submitted Challenge 5, you can apply for your badge!. This is new to us too, so thanks for your patience. ;-)

Thu 28/11/2013

It's the final challenge of the course - time to vote for a message in Challenge 5!

We've collected the Challenge 5 responses in the forum together. Thank you to everyone who put a message forward. To make it easier to vote (the voting isn't being used much in the forums), we've put these into a simple poll on the Challenge 5 page.

Even if you've missed some challenges, or haven't been able to take part in the course as much as you had hoped, it's not too late to take part in this final challenge.

Once we have a united with a single message, we hope that this will be taken forward in any way you choose as part of the Challenge.

Visit the Challenge 5 page to vote now! Here's the link:

Tue 19/11/2013

This week, in Module 4 we are sharing examples of the media portrayal of mental health and the impact that this can have.

Recent additions to the site:

  • Video messages from Eimear Muir-Cochrane in Module 2 and 3
  • A new page on the site - a list of open, free to access peer-reviewed journals (in the menu on the left)

Important date:

If you have been setting your own pace through the materials, that's great and we appreciate all your contributions, no matter when you post them.

In the next module, Challenge 5 is the challenge that we are hoping to get the whole group to participate in, by suggesting and ideas and voting on ideas in the forum on that page. So, have a look at Challenge 5 if you haven't already had a peek.

The difference with Challenge 5 is that we do need all ideas and votes in by Wednesday 27 November 2013. Having a deadline is necessary so that everyone has time to think about how they want to take the message forward as part of the Challenge.

You can start submitting and voting on Challenge 5 ideas now if you like!


Sun 27/10/2013

Hi everyone! Eimear here! We have over 200 hundred people registered and the course opens fully Monday October 28 th. Deb and I wrote this course and are the facilitators but this MOOC works in a peer to peer assistance way. Thus Deb and I are not here to teach or to comment all the time but we will make comments here and there as well as on specified weeks where the contributions from everyone registered are of particular interest and we can discuss issues. So, if you are stuck or have a general question, use the general discussion area to ask for help from your peers!

We also would really appreciate it if you completed the questionnaire at the beginning of the course. We can see what a great and diverse areas of work and location geographically we are all from and I hope we can learn a bit more about each other and ourselves!

With warm regards, Eimear and Deb.

Tue 22/10/2013

It's less than a week to go before we begin on 28th October.

Sign-ups are still growing, we have 166 people taking part! Thank you all for your enthusiasm!

In the meantime, you can:

Introduce yourself in the "Introduce yourself" forum and reply to introductions from your peers, if you find a shared interest.


Take our participant survey ( which is an opportunity to contribute your ideas to the range of interests that we can try to explore over the five weeks of the course.

A note on the challenges...

Challenges can be undertaken individually, but you can optionally form a partnership or a group to work on these together. You could mix it up by doing some challenges individually, and team up for others. It's your choice.

We will include some information in Week 1 about how to form your own groups online (using common platforms like Facebook and Google), but you could also form offline groups. By asking your friends, colleagues or members of your community to sign up, you could take on the challenges by working together offline, and then sharing your challenge activities online. Please feel free to share the course link as widely as you would like to, within your own networks.

Finally,if you have any questions about the course, you can post these into the General Discussion forum (at the top of the page).

Wed 9/10/2013

Welcome everyone! Delighted that you have joined already! the course does not officially start for two weeks but this gives you a chance to explore some of the social media tools if you want to use them and to gain confidence about navigating this site! Do introduce yourself and use each other for help etc. I look forward to being part of this and thanks for registering! Happy mental health week! Eimear


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