Maintaining your activism

End of course survey

Is there anything that you think that we should have done differently during this course? Please let us know via this anonymous feedback survey, so that we can learn what worked, and what didn't work, from our first open online course.

Beyond the badge

Not everyone who starts this course will set out with the intention of gaining a badge – and this course isn't just about collecting a badge.

Many of the resources and activities (particularly the challenges) in this site are aimed at supporting a positive action-based approach to mental wellness for individuals and communities.

It may seem like a small local step to challenge the language, stigma and perceptions of mental health issues. However, the discussions you engage in with peers on this site can encourage you to promote strategies for mental wellness within your own online and offline communities.

At the end of the course, you might think about:

  • Has anything changed for you?
  • Are you thinking differently?
  • Has your understanding changed?
  • Have you had an impact on other people?

We encourage you to form networks outside of this course so you can maintain contacts and keep conversations going. If you have a passion for promoting mental wellness, you could also become involved in local mental wealth advocacy groups (workplace, education, community, neighbourhood) – and if you can't find a group, you could start one!

Thank you for taking part!


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