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    posted message: My students and I began our trimester of March 18. Our theme is around justice, and the Letters to the Next Mayor of New York City project is the perfect segue into reading the memoirs "They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky" and "Desert Flower", as they will begin with the issue of justice domestically and look at injustice internationally. I asked my students to research the mayoral candidates, take notes, create campaign posters, and choose one candidate to whom they would write about an injustice in New York City that they would want the candidate to address. I hope that they will finish their letters by Monday, April 8 so that they can post them in Youth Voices!
    posted message: i love the letter that my student wrote to Ms. Quindlen about her essay on homelessness
    posted message: I need a bit of feedback, and on so many different levels. I need to know from Youth Voices teachers what this is beginning to feel like. Does this group of 5 competencies, this set of leveled badges, and the whole matrix begin to clarify expectations and open up possibilities or... (well you can fill in the rest of this sentence). It is still a work-in-progress. I struggle to know when to invite you in -- because I need your comments -- and when it's too incomplete to make sense. The first three badges under ELA are linked as examples. https://p2pu.org/en/groups/connected-learning-with-youth-voices/content/all-badges/
    posted message: Thoughts on Badges on Youth Voices: Fred Haas's reflections on badges to which most of us would probably say, "I wish I has said that." Add you comments by clicking on the title here.
    posted message: What do you think? https://p2pu.org/en/groups/youth-voices-profile/ What if we created a set of challenges on P2PU for Youth Voices?