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Setting up a Profile on Youth Voices

The first three things you might ask students to do after you have registered them and added them as members is to write a few paragraphs about themselves, make a list of 10 questions about self and 10 about the world, and create an icon. 

Please do this yourself as well. Use these "Missions" on Youth Voices to guide you in creating a profile on Youth Voices that has these three elements:

Start each of these projects in Google Docs, then copy them into your Profile at Youth Voices:

  • Paste the Three-Paragraph Bio and the 10 Self / 10 World Questions into the Bio box that appears after you
    • Log in
    • Go to Member home
    • Click Edit my profile
  • Upload your icon by uploading a .jpeg or a .gif file in the Picture section of your Account  page.
    • Log in
    • Go to Member home
    • Click Edit my account


When you've finished your profile, please Post a Comment to this Task or Post a Message on our course wall reflecting what this was like for you as a user of Youth Voices, and what it might be like for your students to do something similar.

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