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Week 4 Wikipedians, reloaded (February 6 - 12)

Have you edited Wikipedia before?

During Week 2, we worked on finding and developing examples of modern elementary mathematics. I summarized aspects from these examples in comments. During Week 3, we looked for references to go with summaries, and now there are excellent lists.

I made this first draft of the Wikipedia article based on the summaries. It's a good start, because your examples rock! But it's not a real Wikipedia article yet, because it's told in one voice, even though I got ideas from your examples. Let's make it better.


You can insert references and their descriptions from your Week 3 task. You will see wiki syntax when you edit; it's mostly easy to figure out looking at examples in the article.There is a handy "Cite" button in the tools that calls up templates.

You can also make the article better by editing for grammar and style, correcting typos, rephrasing awkward phrases and so on. It will only shine after many people touch it.

You can add sections to it, as well.

Illustrations would help - it does not have any yet.

In short, the task is to make this article better, in any way you imagine.

Task Discussion