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Week2B- Can the parts be influenced? [Sept. 9, 2011, 10:08 p.m.]

If we take some of the smaller but important, elements of this idea of "engagement" and we try to influence that portion of the student engagement process, can we improve engagement?  It is clear that many (myself included) believe instructors can influence the engagement of students.  So the question becomes how?  What can we change or do to influence it?  And how will we know if our efforts made a difference?

Assignment One-

I suggest we look now at three aspects to engagement: interest, participation, and perserverance.  Can we influence these aspects of engagement?  Go to this google document and add your ideas for teacher influence over these characteristics of engagement.  Think about whether the student response (interest, participation, or perserverance) could be measured or not, and in what ways.  Add those thoughts to the third column.

Assignment Two-

Go back to the list created in Week two task one.  Pick other aspects of engagement to add to the google document and attempt to flush out how it can be influenced and whether the influence could be measured in some way.

Assignment Three-

Use the comment feature to discuss this idea of taking the parts of engagement and creating changes in the learning environment to address that single part.  Do you think address aspects of engagement could be a way to achieve improved student engagement?  Why or why not?