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Full Description

This group will bring together teams of high school teachers and students (must be 13 or older, please) who are interested in writing grants to fund local school and community projects.

We are looking for high school students who want to learn how to write grants to fund projects and teachers who will act as the on-site coordinator at each participating school.

You can choose any type of school or community project that you like -- environmental activism, arts projects, community gardens, technology programs -- whatever your group is involved in.

Here are some of the activities that participants in this course will do:

  • Brainstorm and identify a project that you want to fund.
  • Develop a list of things you need to make this project successful.
  • Research available grants or partners.
  • Consult with mentors and experts.
  • Develop a PR strategy.
  • Write letters, grant proposals, and other materials.
  • Contact partners and make presentations.


You can even explore how you might arrange to get credit for these activities.

This course will run from March 5 through May 11, 2012.

Task Discussion