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Set up credit (optional)

You may want to explore incorporating some kind of credit for students into your project. This could be college credit or participation credit at your own school.

To do this, you'll first need to figure out what kind of credit you want to seek and then work with your teacher advisor to set it up.

1) How students can keep track of their volunteer hours
2) Where to submit the hours for credit in various states
3) how the teacher might be able to use hours as a sort of participation score
Some ideas:
Every single person SHOULD keep track of their hours - I can make one for you OR you can create an excel spreadhseet, OR an index card that can list several events.  The information you should be recording is the following:
Date. name of activity/event, amount of time spent, name of supervisor.
ALSO, be aware, there are several GREAT programs to get recognition for volunteer hours:
In Delaware, the DVC - college credit for volunteer hours
**Also, see if state has a program that rewards community service awards with college accreditation - some states might and you might not even know!**

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