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Task 21: Concluding the course -congratulations you reached the end !-

If you got to here then congratulations.
You can award yourself a P2PU badge in
'introduction to psychology'
Hopefully you are also the proud owner of the free 'Alison diploma in psychology' (be mindful that you are
not obliged to pay their fee if you do not wish to receive their official documentation).

So where do you go from here?
Well there are many further great topics to explore in the field of psychology.
For example:
Who was Eric Berne and what is transactional analysis?
What is the prisoner's dilema?
Who is Phil Zimbardo?
What is Freud's theory of personality?
What is Piaget's developmental theory?
What is an I.Q test?
What is the diagnostic statistical manual?
What is the psychology 101 syllabus
The list is endless.

Once again 'Congratulations'

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