This course will become read-only in the near future. Tell us at if that is a problem.

The course materials (all free - and I like free)

Okay in this task you are going to register with 'alison dot com' and download the course material from MIT. And bookmark the MIT youtube psychology playlist

So to start with go to and register (it is free!)

Now bookmark the following youtube playlist page (or subscribe to it if you are a youtube member)

Okay, finally you need to download the MIT course material (it is free!). It can be found at

You will not be using all the MIT course material because you will be following the Alison syllabus. But I think it is just interesting to know that there is so much good learning material out there on the internet.
Okay you should now be set for the course. I will be adding task-2 in due course but for now just look through the Alison syllabus.

Task Discussion