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For Science! Open Science, that is.

This course is a collaborative learning environment meant to introduce the idea of Open Science to young scientists, academics, and makers of all kinds. Open Science is a tricky thing to define, but we've designed this course to share what we know about it; working as a community to make this open resource better. Think of it as a layer on top of the way science is commonly done now. Just better.

This course is meant to share information about what it means for science to be open with young scientists (of all ages), and hopefully inspire them to champion things that are more open. A number of communities are networked within Open Science, and we've designed this course as a high-level introduction to topics and groups that are chipping away at closed systems in science. Modules and tasks are structured so that you’re in control of your own exploration of the topic, but there’s a sequenced path to take if desired. In fitting within the School of Open, all of the content used in this course is open in some way, and everything on these pages is free of cost, openly licensed CC BY. All of it can be reused, revised, built upon, and shared in ways usually typically restricted by copyright. It's all in the Commons.

Join Us! (take this course with a facilitator)

We will be running a facilitated version of this course in August, 2013. Signups are “open” July 22 through August 4th.

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Not sure if you want to take this course, but want to find out a little more? Head over the the Google Group and lurk a bit. If something catches you interest, reply, and then come back here to see what challenges have been (or could be!) built around it. Interested in other courses that use all openly-licensed content? Check out the other neat OER courses on P2PU in the School of Open.

If you're interested, here are links to the planning and development blog posts from Open Data Day 2013:


The materials and tasks of this course were curated / designed by a community of volunteers on Open Data Day, February 23rd, 2013. The following persons were instrumental in the construction of this course during the course sprint and during review leading up to the initial launch:

  • Wouter van den Bos
  • Alice Fang
  • Liz Flavall
  • Shauna Gordon-McKeon
  • William Gunn
  • Elliot Harmon
  • Vani Kakarla
  • Visesha Kakarla
  • Billy Meinke
  • Debbie Morrison
  • Donna Okubo
  • Anthony Salvagno
  • Michelle Sidler
  • +a handful of other contributors and reviewers from the Open Community. Thank you!

The building of this course organized by Creative Commons.

Additional support provided by the Open Knowledge Foundation and PLOS.

Creative Commons. Open Knowledge Foundation. PLOS