1.2 What is Open Research?

Open Thinking

Activity 2: Thinking about open research (15 minutes)

Let's focus on the idea of openness in research. How is open research different from other kinds of research? What characteristics does it have? What tools and methods does it adopt? Explore the School of Open site, look at some of the resources below or think about your own experiences. When you are ready, develop a brief definition of open research.

Share your definition and thoughts in the Discourse forum. This is only an initial attempt at this, we will be going into more detail as the course progresses, so don’t spend too long on creating a definition, the aim is to just to get you considering open research.


Additional Questions to Consider

How do you think openness might change the way in which you research? Think about the kind of research interests you have and the research you conduct. When could open research be important in this context?


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