3.5 Planning Your Own Research Project

Evidence is Power

To end this week of the course we would like you to think about your own research interests and plan your own mini-research project. This activity should bring together all of the ideas you have discussed over the past three weeks.

Activity 14: Mini-Research Project (45 minutes)

Think of all the different things you would need to consider when planning a research project (you can look back at week one of the course if you need a reminder). In what ways could you incorporate open research practices (such as sharing your data or being open about your progress) into your research project?

Share your research project idea in the online form and tell us in what ways (if any) you think openness might be able to make a difference to your research process. You can look at everyone's contributions on the Google spreadsheet for this activity. We’ll have time to discuss your ideas in this week’s Google Hangout, and will be revisiting them next week.

Further reading

Please note that contributions submitted via Google forms can be viewed by anyone (e.g. they are public) and you may wish to use a moniker.


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