2.4 'Good' Open Research

Activity 8: ‘Good’ Open Research (1 hour) (Optional)

Given that we can’t always fully anticipate the specifics of future situations it’s especially important for open researchers to be aware of future possibilities. There is a real need for using one’s own judgment and reflecting on the ethical dimensions of research for oneself. When working in the open – potentially beyond institutional reach – an awareness of ethical principles and how they should be applied is essential.

We might say that thinking for oneself about ethics is characteristic of a ‘good’ open researcher.

What other kind of qualities, skills or attributes might a 'good' open researcher have? What does ‘good’ open research look like? What are its benefits? Either think it through yourself, research online, or discuss with friends or colleagues. Write your own short list and post in the Discourse forum. Look for difference/similarities with others and comment on at least two other contributions.

Mr O'Pen's Research and Ethical Considerations

Mr O'Pen Ethics


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