2.0 Ethics in the Open

Moral Compass

Are there specific ethical considerations arising from researching 'in the open'? This part of the course will encourage open researchers to reflect on the wider implications of being open as well as approaches to ethical research.

As part of their training, all researchers learn about how to collect, manage, analyse and disseminate data. This section covers the some of things they typically learn about ethics. It is not intended to replace formal training in research ethics although some training modules like these are available openly and will be referred to later. We'll work through the process in stages.

Our focus here will be on the differences openness can make to these research practices. As we will see, openness can raise problematic cases for traditional approaches to research ethics but also offers novel research possibilities.

Learning Objectives

  • An overview of ethics and its role in research;
  • Developing a better sense of ethical frameworks and how they are applied;
  • Applying these frameworks in traditional and open approaches across the life of a research project;
  • Reflection on the process of institutional approval for research and legal compliance;
  • Creating tools for evaluating ethical risks in a research project and take appropriate action(s).


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