3.2 Examples of Open Dissemination

Open Data

Having looked at open access publishing in particular, we will now consider open dissemination more broadly. In the case of the OER Research Hub project, our research has been supported and facilitated by ‘open’ dissemination. This open dissemination approach was an integral part of the initial project bid and has helped us meet and deliver our project goals.

We have deliberately:

  • Created a project identity on various tools including Twitter, Scoop.It, YouTube and Slideshare;
  • Made the project blog the core part of our project identity;
  • Shared our research progress, outputs and methods on a regular basis, via our website/blogs and other media;
  • Created and used our OER Impact Map to encourage contribution and feedback from the rest of the OER community;
  • Shared our data openly, including survey results;
  • Shared our methodology and research instruments under a CC-BY license.

Activity 11: Can Open Dissemination make a difference? (15 minutes)

Consider the example of the OER Research Hub or any other project that you are familiar with. How do you think disseminating in the open in such a manner may benefit/hinder a research project? Share your thoughts in the Discourse forum.


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